Our Offerings
  • Training needs assessments
  • Instructor-led and web-based training and e-learning development and delivery
  • Tabletop exercises, simulations, and case studies
  • Video vignette training and information programs
  • Self-directed, web based learning reinforcement activities
  • Skill assessment pre and post testing
  • Training evaluation plans
  • Program administration
  • Registration services
  • Data collection and reporting
  • Facilities rentals
"I participated in the Train-The-Trainer that was offered by GCC.  This program helped me in my job in ways that go beyond training.  I use what I learned about how adults learn and how everyone is different in my day to day management all the time now.  I hope we are having more of these GCC Programs.  I will be there."

Supervisor Potash Corp

Global Corporate College is a full-service training and performance improvement organization, with extensive experience designing and managing comprehensive education and training programs.  Our training, development and support services include: