Ciena Learning Solutions
As the network specialist, Ciena Learning Solutions provides knowledge and assistance to fully exploit the power of any network environment by offering premier certifications focused on technology– not proprietary products. Ciena Learning Solutions partners with Global Corporate College to provide Carrier Ethernet Certification or Optical Communications Certification courses in Global Corporate College state of the art classrooms worldwide.

At C Level May 2011
An American Society for Training & Development Publication
At C Level is a series of interviews with leading CEOs about the link between developing a company's talent and its capability to succeed. ASTD has been publishing the series in T+D magazine since 2004. In these interviews, Tony Bingham, ASTD's CEO, and Pat Galagan, executive editor at ASTD, have talked with more than 20 CEOs to get their perspectives on the role that employee development plays in their companies' strategies.

Learning Linked to Success
Interview with Gary Smith, CEO
At Ciena Corporation, the link between learning and business strategy is not lip service; it’s a tangible dedication that starts from the top.

Tied to the Business Core: Ciena’s Hybrid Learning Solutions Engine
By Jim Caprara, vice president of global human resources development and learning
A mix of virtual and on-site learning initiatives support Ciena’s mission to grow the business and keep customers well-developed, both inside and out.